Circus Of Illusion


Circus Of Illusion by Mark Stout

I’m now of the opinion that social media has generally done more harm than good to personal and family relationships and has contributed more to the division of our society that to the uniting of us.

I grew up in a different age, a time before computers and word processors, when pen and paper or typewriters where the only means to write, the age of white out, no spellcheck, or cut and paste, and certainly no way to instantly publish what I considered at the time my most brilliant of thoughts and ideas (most of which were likely just passing brain farts unworthy of public consumption) so that the whole world might read them because there was no internet. There was no way to instantaneously publicly publish harsh comments in response to the thoughts and musings other writers, no way of cyber bullying those whose ideas differed from mine, no way to coordinate mass like-minded groupthink hate mail to discourage or publicly humiliate and wrongly destroy the reputation of someone I didn’t even know with innuendo or outright lies while cowardly hiding behind a mask of anonymity because there were no profit orient publicly traded companies encouraging us to do that for the purpose of generating higher ratings and share prices.

Believe it or not there was once a time when people actually talked to each other rather than texted and met face to face for conversation, discussion and debate, shared meals without glaring into smartphones or tablets while posting photos of their plate of food, minds far away removed from the here and now. It was a much simpler time before the opening of Pandora’s Box of what turned out to be anti-social media, when people began to withdraw from communicating or meeting others in person, perhaps future friends, mates or spouses, a time of real human interaction when there was no wondering if what I was reading was actually written by a human being or robot artificial intelligence. I recall a more peaceful time before the invention of the Circus of Illusion of so-called social media.



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