Discovered at an archaeological site in north Africa, found in a newly unearthed part of the dig was a well-preserved ancient box dated to be approximately early BC. The contents of this sealed box once opened is what scholars are now calling perhaps the most significant discovery since the Rosetta Stone. It is another accounting of what took place in man’s early history. The most astounding part of this discovery is that instead of being text written on papyrus and preserved in clay jars, this documentation was found on a modern flash drive within a box unearthed near the clay jars, a flash drive that any modern computer could read. A discovery which seemed impossible, but contained an enormous amount of recorded data and evidence such as photos, video, audio recordings, a vast array of notes written in English about man’s early history, as though the author had actually been there and had witnessed, observed, analyzed and recorded new insights into human understanding, proof, evidence, data documenting a clearer view of history for the world to read.

It is as if the flash drive had been planted there by some time traveler who placed it there wanting it to be discovered, perhaps even waiting. This discovery has become known as the Book of Grok, as it contains several references to contact with an extra-terrestrial alien being named Grok. The author of this treasure of knowledge is someone who went by the name Professor Watts.


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