Marijuana Legalization Cannot Come Soon Enough

by Mark Stout

Marijuana should be legalized immediately for several reasons, primarily because the basis on which weed first became criminalized was flawed and based on a false argument and a self-serving guided narrative.

The origin of the criminalization of weed began back in the day when alcohol prohibition had ended and a government bureaucracy facing obsolescence, headed by an unelected bureaucrat named Harry Ansliger who, in order to save his job and the jobs of fellow alcohol cops, argued before congress that marijuana caused users to commit crimes and acts of violence. Anslinger further alleged a connection to certain racial minority groups. Armed with no scientific evidence or facts to support his claim, only the backing of some powerful and influential special interests who supported his argument and who stood to gain in some way from Anslinger’s new war on marijuana. This is the story of the creation of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.

Since that date, an unjust prohibition began which has demonstrably done far more harm and little if any good. The laws criminalizing cannabis need to change before any meaningful police reform can take place.

At Bob Marley’s house in Nine Mile, Jamaica.

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Visiting a legal medical marijuana growing facility in Oklahoma.

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