The Dream



The Dream

By Professor Watts

Years ago, I experienced a reoccurring dream in which I am being pulled toward a massive dark hole in space. I have no control and I am fearful in this dream, a nightmare to be more precise, in which I often would awaken dripping wet with sweat, crying out afraid, only to have the same dream again and again every other month or so for about ten years.

One night, having grown tired of the relentless nightmare I decided to face my fear and look the abyss, the darkness of the powerful magnetic force, dead in the eye and inwardly said to myself that I am going in through the hole, into the void of the unknown and uncharted.

After that night the dream went away, and I have not had the dream in over twenty years. But now I see what the dream has prepared me for. I can now see the Black Hole before me.